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Your Fuuuccked

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17th March 2006

1:31pm: memories
I was just spring cleaning my room and found this card my friends gave me when we finished year 11 (4 and a half years ago or maybe even 5)

no more school... or jungle love...

"there's just something that really pisses me off about you"

youre fucking my chi

no more school...

batty boy wants ur body...guard...

lemme guess u dropped the soap?

nooooooooooooooo chaaaaaaaaaaarritty (from passions)


Thats how many hours of school left for yr 11

ive noticed you around

i found you very attractive

ummm... wanna dance?

scared up for you by

carrots (CARIS) and kazara (kara)


14th March 2006

7:31pm: Jimmy love.
We'll miss you, you pisshead :)
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